Being Freed
Being Freed
Being Freed

WordPress websites
for creative professionals, freelancers, and small businesses




(...or not - that last one's really up to you)

Who are
my clients?

Who are
my clients?


Artists & artisans


Dog walkers
Personal trainers
Small business owners
Stage Managers

What do
I do?

What do I do?

Website design

WordPress platform
let’s democratize publishing

Responsive sites
that work on all devices

Search Engine Optimization
so you’re easy to find

Focus on accessibility
for all your visitors

Small carbon footprint
because we love our planet

Airbnb, Airtable, Calendly, FareHarbor, Google Maps, Mailchimp, WPForms, YouTube, and… and …

Ongoing support
just say no to disappearing web designers

makes me

makes me

Personalized service

Copy writing assistance
I’ll help you organize your content

Custom designs
I design from my own creativity and knowledge, not with purchased themes

Strong design background
for websites, logos, & branding

Decades of experience
building and managing projects and staff in the arts give me a unique insight into how creatives need to market themselves


I build websites with a smile and more than a few dad jokes because if we’re not having fun, we’re doing the wrong work

What makes
me think I can
design websites?

What makes
me think
I can design


BFA in design, magna cum laude from Buffalo State University

Buffalo State logo

More LinkedIn Learning courses than I’d strictly like to admit.


I have worked 30+ years in creative environments including website and graphic design, live theatre, and furniture building.

15+ of my theatre years were spent managing prop shops with staffs of one to twelve artisans and budgets from $100 to $50,000 per show.

New website

From $2500

Free 30-minute consultation

Strategy session

Custom web design & build

Regular, scheduled check-ins

On-time launch

Website maintenance

From $50 monthly

Security and software updates

Performance monitoring

SEO monitoring

Minor updates

Site backups

Yoast SEO evaluation

From $100

I’ll review the Yoast setup on your current site, including page settings image optimization, and keyword usage, and make recommendations for best practices.

New Website

What's in the box?

These are standard features on all my sites.


Home, portfolio, samples, services, pricing, about us, blog, calendar, FAQ – the options are limitless.

Buy now, newsletter sign-up, learn more — let’s get your viewers clicking buttons.

Show everyone where to find you.

Your colleagues love you!  Let’s make sure your clients know it.

You get one email address included per site.  More addresses are available for a fee.

This could be a separate page or a popup, whichever you prefer.

And a customized search results page to match your theme.

Air Table, Calendly, FareHarbor, Google Maps, Mailchimp, YouTube, Vimeo, WPForms.  These are just a few of the third-party apps I’ve integrated into my sites. 

We’ll use your media if you have it, or we can choose professional images and video from my Shutterstock subscription. 


I do not build sites from pre-designed templates.  I start with a blank page so every one is unique and reflects the person / org who commissions it.

Your site will match your existing corporate identity in font, color, and style.

It should be simple to find what you’re looking for on a website.  Navigation should be intuitive, and flow in a logical order.  Let’s not hide things.  

Works on all devices: desktop, tablet, and mobile.  I use the Elementor Pro page builder so your site looks great for everyone.

I build sites using accessibility best practices so visitors of all abilities can use them with ease.

Software & tech-y stuff

My preferred software.  Open-source, ever-evolving.

On every page, I’ll assign a focus keyphrase, meta description, featured image, and social media title and description.

Your images and videos will be optimized using Adobe Creative Suite so they’ll load quickly and look great.

I install SiteGround’s speed optimization and caching tools so your site runs fast, fast, fast.

I use the best environmental practices I can find so my sites have a small carbon footprint.

Your site is backed up by SiteGround and on UpdraftPlus.  When the web gremlins bite us, we’ll bite right back.

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