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Frequently Asked Questions

Why not use a WP theme?

Themes go out of date, and when they’re no longer supported you’ll need to rebuild your site.  Also, I find themes cumbersome and hard to customize.  Starting with Elementor’s blank slate theme, we never have to worry about either of those issues.  I start with a blank page and design from there.

What is custom design?

I start with a blank page, not a template, so your design will be unique to your site.  If you already have a design system (fonts, colors, etc.), I will work within that.  If we’re starting from scratch, I will help you make solid design decisions which reflect your product and style.

How long is this going to take?

I hate having a backlog.  I work on 2-3 websites at a time and have a handful of Mailchimp clients so I always have time to respond to my clients and meet deadlines.  With regular communication, I can usually get a website up in two to three months.  If you get in touch and I can’t start on your project within a few weeks, I’ll let you know so you’re not waiting around for your project to float to the top of the pile.

Why is my price lower (or higher) than other people’s?

I want to keep my prices reasonable so the small businesses I work with can afford to have a website.  To do this, I keep my focus tight: I don’t code, I am not interested in learning every way to do every trick.  I use WordPress, host sites on SiteGround, and build with Elementor page builder: all well-established, highly-rated platforms.  By sticking with one system and knowing it well, I keep your price down.  Further, once I give you a price, that’s the price.  As long as we stick with our scheduled communication so I can keep working, there won’t be extra costs after we’ve made an agreement.  After your site is launched, you pay a monthly rate for hosting and upkeep which is based on the complexity of your site.  Edits and complex updates are charged hourly. 

Do I write copy?

I am not a copywriter.  I can help around the edges (watch out bad grammar – I’m out to get you), but my focus is the structure, look, and functionality of your website.