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HTML, CSS, &  JavaScript

HTML, CSS, & JavaScript are coding languages that tell the web how your website content is structured, how it looks, and how it interacts.
Three Essential Website Coding Languages: HTML for structure, CSS for style, and JavaScript for interaction

HTML, CSS & JavaScript go together like P&J

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used to structure and style more than just web pages.  They’re used in all sorts of digital applications from files to graphics.  But… as web pages are my game, this post will be about how they’re used to build websites. 

These three types of software work together to structure your data, define how it looks, and how it should behave. 

Hypertext Markup Language

HTML, used for website structure

HyperText Markup Language is the coding language used to structure website content.  HTML defines a thing as, for example, a header, navigation menu, or an image. 

HTML is used by page readers to help the visually impaired access websites.

Cascading Style Sheets

CSS, used for styling such as font, color, and point size

Cascading Style Sheets are a coding tool used to define the way things look.  Color, font, spacing, etc. are all specified using CSS.  Once HTML tells the web what a thing is (i.e., a heade), CSS tells it how it should look. 

Do your images have borders?  What color are they?  Do they have rounded corners?  Drop shadows?  What fonts are your headers and body copy?  What point size are they?  Are they left-justified, centered, or right-justified?  These things are all controlled by Cascading Style Sheets.

Intersex-inclusive Pride Flag
Intersex-inclusive Pride Flag
Intersex-inclusive Pride Flag

The same image with three different border styles.  In this case, the HTML (the image, or data) is the same but the CSS (styles of presentation) are different.


JavaSctipt, used for interactive elements

When you click a button, how does it know what to do?  Or zoom in on a map?  Or fill in a field with your name?  All these functionalities are controlled with JavaScript.  JS controls the interactions you have with the elements on screen.  It also makes moving images move. 

If your website were a play, JavaScript would be the choreographer.

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