Being Freed
Being Freed
Being Freed

It’s been my privilege

Soooo many privileges I’ve had in my life.  Ones which (when I was younger) I didn’t realize weren’t common.  It took moving away from my idyllic suburban neighborhood and moving through the world to see what I had and what others did not.

Growing up, I didn’t have everything but I always -always- had what I needed.  I lived and went to school in an upper-middle class community and most of my classmates were assumed to be going to college after graduating.  Or so I thought, because that’s how it was in my house.

Granted, many of my high school classmates did go on to college and have subsequently lived upper-middle class lives like the ones they started in.   I have been middle-class, to be sure, but maybe not upper.  I’ve spent my career working in the arts, and have lived closer to the lower end middle-class.  In recent years I have lived just over the poverty level.  It’s difficult to make ends meet in my one-income household.  Since the pandemic shut down my industry (live entertainment), I’ve had a hard time getting my financial feet back under me.

And still…

And still… I have food every day.  I sleep in comfort and safety.  I have the medical care I need, and am relatively healthy. 

And so, it is still my privilege.

How my eyes started opening

A handful of years ago, my employer brought in a team of EDI trainers to spend the day with us, and that day changed my life.  They introduced us to concepts that had never occurred to me, but once I saw them, their validity was obvious.  That was the first day of my journey toward truly trying to understand my fellow human beings, and to do my best to honor their journeys.




Buy your books online from the author’s site, if possible.  If that’s not possible, choose an independent bookseller who’s near you or who is a member of a marginalized group like black-owned, woman-owned, LGBTQIA+-owned, etc.  Let the money flow from your hands to hands that will use it for good.