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HTML, CSS, &  JavaScript

Three Essential Website Coding Languages: HTML for structure, CSS for style, and JavaScript for interaction

HTML, CSS, & JavaScript are coding languages that tell the web how your website content is structured, how it looks, and how it interacts.

A Thanksgiving Reading List

Intersex-inclusive Pride Flag

This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for many things, not the least of which is my ability to continually expand my understanding of the world.

All the Australian critters!

A picture of a boat off the beach with the sun setting behind it

My final week in Australia and I’m snuggling all the animals! I dove with manta rays & sharks, fed kangaroos, and held a koala and a python.


A picture of the Glass house mountains seen from Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve

My journey in Australia continues this week with travels in Queensland. We saw dozens of kangaroos and a few koalas. Soooo sweet!

Trip to Australia!

A close-up picture of the Sydney Opera House, showing several structures and the tile work on the facades.

I’m taking a break from essays for a couple of weeks to spend time with friends in Australia! Sydney first; Brisbane and more next week 😀

RSS and Atom feeds

RSS & Atom Feeds

RSS and Atom feeds can help you build your email list, but they can leave you vulnerable to hackers. Use your tools and keep safe.

Page Speed

Page Speed

What’s your page speed? What *is* page speed? It’s how fast your page loads onto your visitor’s device. And it might be the most important thing of all.

WordPress Categories & Tags

Categories & Tags

WordPress categories and tags classify your posts and pages. They help users and search engines find the right content on your site.

Structured Data & Rich Results

What the heck is Structured Data? ...and why should I care?

Structured data is code you add to your website to help search engines understand YOUR content. Viewers don’t see it, but Google does.

Portfolio Websites

Portfolio Websites

I am offering up to five portfolio websites at a great price for a limited time. Design, build, launch – let’s get your work out there!

Website Crawling

Website crawling -- a graphic depicting a Pac-man board

In website crawling an app called a bot thumbs through your site to understand your purpose & content so the engine can index it right.

Setting up a WordPress Website

A WordPress website = Domain Name + Hosting + WordPress Installation

What do you need to start a WordPress website? A domain name, host, and a WordPress installation. I walk you through it in this short post.

SEO for Images

A graphic with the following words: SEO for Images - JPG, WebP, Sizing, Descriptions, Captions, PNG, Alt Text, SVG, Files names, and Coloring for all types of sight.

Applying thoughtful SEO to images improves page load speed, user experience, and search engine ranking. And only takes a few minutes.

Hyperlinks and SEO

Hyperlinks and SEO: Internal links, Outbound links, Backlinks, Broken Links, Easter Eggs

Hyperlinks are critical for SEO. Internal, outbound, backlinks, easter eggs – what they all are & how to use them.