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What’s a WordPress Multisite?

WordPress Multisites -- a graphic depicting three different websites that are contained within the same WP multisite installation.

A WordPress Multisite is a WP installation controlling multiple websites. The sites share related content such as themed blogs or franchises.



A backlink is a hyperlink that appears in someone else’s page or post and leads to your website. They’re (usually, mostly) good for your SEO.

Being Freed today

A picture of me smiling, in front of a pond

Today, being Freed involves taking time out to spend with my wonderful friend from overseas. Next week, we’ll get back to work.


Website Breadcrumbs: Ukulele > tenor > novelty > watermelon

Breadcrumbs are a trail that indicates your place on a website: little word maps showing where a page lands in your site’s hierarchy.

Archive pages

An image of a WordPress blog archive page pointing out Page Header, Post Index, and Recent Posts. There's also a picture of a cute doggie.

A WordPress blog archive page, also called an index, is a page that lists all the posts on a website. It’s like a card catalog for your blog.

Canonical tags

Canonical tags Canon | noun | ‘ka-nen an accepted principle or rule a criterion or standard of judgment - Merriam-Webster Dictionary A canonical tag is an identifier used when you have multiple posts or pages containing similar content. It tells search engines which one to prioritize.

A canonical tag is an identifier used for multiple posts or pages containing similar content. It tells search engines which one to prioritize.


A graphic with the words, "Where can a cache be? A server. Your network or browser. Your device"

Caching is data storage located in little pockets along the chain between your web search and the server a site is stored on. It decreases page load time.

Website servers

A graphic depicting database stacks with the title, "What the heck are Servers?"

A website server has two parts: hardware to store data and software to transfer that data. It stores your files and grants access to them.

Mailchimp Journeys

A graphic image with the words, "Mailchimp Journeys" and the Mailchimp logo.

Automations and journeys are both useful tools offered by Mailchimp, but what’s the difference between the two? Hint: a journey is a type of automation.

Color blindness and website design

Color Blindness and your website: a graphic with Being Freed seagull logo shown through six different types of colorblindness filters.

You want as many people as possible to be able to use your website. Color blindness is one area of accessibility that’s easy to address.

Image sizing for your website

An image with the words "Resolution, noun, the amount of detail an images has", whose resolution becomes less clear across the image.

Image size, aspect ratio, file size, resolution: what do these terms mean, and how do you apply them to your website’s pictures and graphics?

Image formats

A graphic with various media file suffixes: .WebP, .jpg, .svg, .png, and .RAW

JPG, PNG, WebP: which type of image file is better for your website? Which one has the smallest file size or offers transparency?

Website maintenance

Website Maintenance = hosting + software updates + backups + SEO updates + Database optimization + Security updates + Uptime monitoring +

Your website designer is trying to sell you a monthly website maintenance package. Should you buy it? Yes! And here’s why.


CRM - Customer Relationship Management

CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management: a system for collecting and using client data to build effective marketing strategies.