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Website responsiveness

An illustration of a computer monitor, two tablets, a mobile phone and a laptop, all showing versions of the the same web design, adjusted to fit the screen.

Website responsiveness is how well a web page adjusts its appearance on different screen shapes and sizes: desktops, tablets, and phones.

WordPress Page Builders

Page Builders = Responsiveness + No coding necessary + integrations _+ customizable + pre-build modules +

Page builders are software added to a WordPress installation. They include pre-built code to help you design responsive websites.

What’s a WordPress Multisite?

WordPress Multisites -- a graphic depicting three different websites that are contained within the same WP multisite installation.

A WordPress Multisite is a WP installation controlling multiple websites. The sites share related content such as themed blogs or franchises.

Color blindness and website design

Color Blindness and your website: a graphic with Being Freed seagull logo shown through six different types of colorblindness filters.

You want as many people as possible to be able to use your website. Color blindness is one area of accessibility that’s easy to address.

Image sizing for your website

An image with the words "Resolution, noun, the amount of detail an images has", whose resolution becomes less clear across the image.

Image size, aspect ratio, file size, resolution: what do these terms mean, and how do you apply them to your website’s pictures and graphics?

Image formats

A graphic with various media file suffixes: .WebP, .jpg, .svg, .png, and .RAW

JPG, PNG, WebP: which type of image file is better for your website? Which one has the smallest file size or offers transparency?