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WordPress Page Builders

Page Builders = Responsiveness + No coding necessary + integrations _+ customizable + pre-build modules +

Page builders are software added to a WordPress installation. They include pre-built code to help you design responsive websites.


Website Breadcrumbs: Ukulele > tenor > novelty > watermelon

Breadcrumbs are a trail that indicates your place on a website: little word maps showing where a page lands in your site’s hierarchy.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of tailoring your content so browsers like Google and Safari understand the purpose of your page or post.

Website responsiveness

Website Responsive design

Website responsiveness is how well a web page adjusts its appearance on different screen shapes and sizes: desktops, tablets, and phones.

My spiffy new website

Being Freed

With a new year comes a new website! I’ve revamped to better reflect my services. If your small business needs a website or Mailchimp help, drop me a line.