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Being Freed
Being Freed

SEO for Images

A graphic with the following words: SEO for Images - JPG, WebP, Sizing, Descriptions, Captions, PNG, Alt Text, SVG, Files names, and Coloring for all types of sight.

Applying thoughtful SEO to images improves page load speed, user experience, and search engine ranking. And only takes a few minutes.

Image sizing for your website

An image with the words "Resolution, noun, the amount of detail an images has", whose resolution becomes less clear across the image.

Image size, aspect ratio, file size, resolution: what do these terms mean, and how do you apply them to your website’s pictures and graphics?

Image formats

A graphic with various media file suffixes: .WebP, .jpg, .svg, .png, and .RAW

JPG, PNG, WebP: which type of image file is better for your website? Which one has the smallest file size or offers transparency?