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Website Crawling

Website crawling -- a graphic depicting a Pac-man board

In website crawling an app called a bot thumbs through your site to understand your purpose & content so the engine can index it right.

SEO for Images

A graphic with the following words: SEO for Images - JPG, WebP, Sizing, Descriptions, Captions, PNG, Alt Text, SVG, Files names, and Coloring for all types of sight.

Applying thoughtful SEO to images improves page load speed, user experience, and search engine ranking. And only takes a few minutes.

WordPress & Mailchimp Glossary

WordPress & Mailchimp Glossary - DRM, Snippet, Audience, Referring Domain, .svg, Theme, SEO, Canonical URL, Featured image, with the Being Freed seagull, looking on

A comprehensive and growing glossary of terms used in WordPress and Mailchimp. SEO, responsiveness, accessibility, excerpts, posts . . .

4 Types of SEO

4 Types of Search Engine Optimization - On-Page, Off-Page, Technical, and Local, with the Being Freed seagull, looking on

There are various types of SEO. Here’s a primer to four biggies: on-site, off-site, technical, & local. All of them increase organic traffic.

Mailchimp Journeys

A graphic image with the words, "Mailchimp Journeys" and the Mailchimp logo.

Automations and journeys are both useful tools offered by Mailchimp, but what’s the difference between the two? Hint: a journey is a type of automation.

Mailchimp Templates

A graphic withe the Mailchimp logo and the words, "Mailchimp Templates".

Mailchimp templates are pre-built frameworks used to quickly create consistently-styled campaigns. Templates can be used repeatedly and indefinitely.


CRM - Customer Relationship Management

CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management: a system for collecting and using client data to build effective marketing strategies.