Being Freed
Being Freed
Being Freed

What are Keywords?

Keywords Search SEO

Keywords are signposts, strategically used in pages & posts. They categorize content so search engines understand its purpose.

What is a Website Host?

Web hosting = File storage + computing resources + site setup tools + security + optimization + backups +staging platform + email + product support

A website host is a company that provides software & storage for a site’s files. A smart filing cabinet that allows browsers to access a site.

Website responsiveness

An illustration of a computer monitor, two tablets, a mobile phone and a laptop, all showing versions of the the same web design, adjusted to fit the screen.

Website responsiveness is how well a web page adjusts its appearance on different screen shapes and sizes: desktops, tablets, and phones.

What is a featured image?

A rendering of a seagull on a beach with the Being Freed log.

What is a featured image on a website? It’s the picture or graphic which you assign to represent a post or page. Mine is quite silly.

Your website’s crawl budget

Your Website's Crawl Budget -- a graphic of a sitemap with various items greyed out, not connected to the chart.

A website crawl budget is the resources search engines dedicate to exploring and indexing the site. You can tell them what to map first.

Your website’s carbon footprint

Your website's carbon footprint; Reduce it! A graphic depicting a computer, a cell phone, and a tablet, each with a Net Zero graphic on the screen. A cheeky seagull stands in the corner admonishing energy wasters.

Your website’s carbon footprint is created by server use, search engine crawling, and clicks. Here’s how to reduce your energy consumption.

No follow no index no worries

No follow, No index; Can't touch this ;)

Sometimes we have links or pages that we don’t want search engines to not follow or index. When and why would we do that? Let’s explore…

Website Backups

Website Backups 101

Website Backups can save your digital tushie, so you really want them. But how often should you back up, how, and where do you do it?

HTML, CSS, &  JavaScript

Three Essential Website Coding Languages: HTML for structure, CSS for style, and JavaScript for interaction

HTML, CSS, & JavaScript are coding languages that tell the web how your website content is structured, how it looks, and how it interacts.

RSS and Atom feeds

RSS & Atom Feeds

RSS and Atom feeds can help you build your email list, but they can leave you vulnerable to hackers. Use your tools and keep safe.

Page Speed

Page Speed

What’s your page speed? What *is* page speed? It’s how fast your page loads onto your visitor’s device. And it might be the most important thing of all.

WordPress Categories & Tags

Categories & Tags

WordPress categories and tags classify your posts and pages. They help users and search engines find the right content on your site.

Structured Data & Rich Results

What the heck is Structured Data? ...and why should I care?

Structured data is code you add to your website to help search engines understand YOUR content. Viewers don’t see it, but Google does.