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Portfolio Websites

Portfolio Websites

I am offering up to five portfolio websites at a great price for a limited time. Design, build, launch – let’s get your work out there!

Website Crawling

Website crawling -- a graphic depicting a Pac-man board

In website crawling an app called a bot thumbs through your site to understand your purpose & content so the engine can index it right.

Setting up a WordPress Website

A WordPress website = Domain Name + Hosting + WordPress Installation

What do you need to start a WordPress website? A domain name, host, and a WordPress installation. I walk you through it in this short post.

SEO for Images

A graphic with the following words: SEO for Images - JPG, WebP, Sizing, Descriptions, Captions, PNG, Alt Text, SVG, Files names, and Coloring for all types of sight.

Applying thoughtful SEO to images improves page load speed, user experience, and search engine ranking. And only takes a few minutes.

Hyperlinks and SEO

Hyperlinks and SEO: Internal links, Outbound links, Backlinks, Broken Links, Easter Eggs

Hyperlinks are critical for SEO. Internal, outbound, backlinks, easter eggs – what they all are & how to use them.

WordPress & Website Glossary

WordPress & Mailchimp Glossary - DRM, Snippet, Audience, Referring Domain, .svg, Theme, SEO, Canonical URL, Featured image, with the Being Freed seagull, looking on

A comprehensive and growing glossary of terms used in WordPress websites, SEO, responsiveness, accessibility, excerpts, posts . . .

4 Types of SEO

4 Types of Search Engine Optimization - On-Page, Off-Page, Technical, and Local, with the Being Freed seagull, looking on

There are various types of SEO. Here’s a primer to four biggies: on-site, off-site, technical, & local. All of them increase organic traffic.

Keyword research

A graphic with a goldenrod gradient background, with the words, "Keyword Research" spelled out in green tiles reminiscent of a Scrabble board. In the corner is Being Freed's seagull icon in a tile.

Keyword research teaches you phrases your audience uses in their online searches. Smart application of keywords helps your peeps find you.

WordPress Pages vs Posts

WordPress Posts vs Pages Page: Mostly static content that doesn’t get updated frequently Post: Timely content to engage or inform your audience

WordPress pages contain static content: Home, Contact, Events, FAQ, etc. Posts have timely information like journals, podcasts, or updates.

WordPress Page Builders

Page Builders = Responsiveness + No coding necessary + integrations _+ customizable + pre-build modules +

Page builders are software added to a WordPress installation. They include pre-built code to help you design responsive websites.

Website Cookies

Website Cookies: used for auto-fill, password, shopping cart, analytics, and language. This graphic depicts those categories as the fortunes sticking out of fortune cookies.

Website cookies are little bits of information servers store on your computer, tablet, phone, or other device, to help websites function.

What’s a WordPress Multisite?

WordPress Multisites -- a graphic depicting three different websites that are contained within the same WP multisite installation.

A WordPress Multisite is a WP installation controlling multiple websites. The sites share related content such as themed blogs or franchises.



A backlink is a hyperlink that appears in someone else’s page or post and leads to your website. They’re (usually, mostly) good for your SEO.


Website Breadcrumbs: Ukulele > tenor > novelty > watermelon

Breadcrumbs are a trail that indicates your place on a website: little word maps showing where a page lands in your site’s hierarchy.