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What is a Website Host?

A website host is a company that provides software & storage for a site's files. A smart filing cabinet that allows browsers to access a site.
Web hosting = File storage + computing resources + site setup tools + security + optimization + backups +staging platform + email + product support

But a good website host provides much more than just computing and storage.  It keeps your site secure, optimizes performance, offers backups and email address, and more.  It can even shrink your website’s carbon footprint.  

You need someone to host your website who is reputable and has the right tools to support your particular site.

What do website hosts do?

As discussed in the previous section, website hosts dedicate storage space for your website on their servers.  What’s a server?  A server is a computer that stores files, and hosts’ servers are massive and lightning-fast.

Hosts have software that makes sure all the elements of your site communicate properly with other resources, such as search engines.

Many hosts provide startup packages that load basics such as WordPress and WooCommerce software to your new site, making it quick and easy to start building.

Many hosts also provide security features, such as SSL.  They may also have firewalls, malware detection software, or other tools to keep your site safe.

A good host has fast processors and lots of space, so your website loads quickly.  Nobody likes waiting around while images scroll in, and your host can help with that.  Hosts may offer various types of caching, storing frequently-used files within easy reach for super-fast page loading.

Some hosts offer backups, but some don’t.  Pick one that does.

Think of this as a notebook where you draft ideas without publishing.  If you’re redesigning your site or just want to try something without changing your live site, a staging platform is the perfect place.  You can copy your site and play with that or start with a blank slate.  The staging site remains hidden until you publish it.

Hosts may or may not provide domain-based email addresses, like

A good host will support you via email, online chat, and maybe phone (but don’t hold your breath on that last one). 

Is website hosting free?

While it’s possible to host your own site, the practical answer is no.  Hosting on your own computer is a little like building your own house from scratch.  Are you a programmer with banks and banks of storage?  Go for it!  But for most people, choosing a hosting company is the way to go. 

Basically, you’re renting space on their servers and getting software support.  It’s not free, but you can get a basic monthly hosting package with a reputable company for the cost of a deli lunch, so why wouldn’t you?

Website hosting vs. domain

It’s easy to get confused about the difference between hosting and domain. 

A domain is the name of your website.  In my case, it’s

I buy domains from Namecheap.  As their name suggests, their prices are low, but a domain name is a domain name; it doesn’t matter where you buy it.  I find Namecheap’s interface easy to navigate, and managing domains there is straightforward and uncomplicated.

See my post on domain names here for more.

If you’d like to support me without spending an extra dime, you can buy your domain name via the Namecheap links on this page.  It’ll cost you exactly the same but I’ll get a little commission.

Hosting is the physical storage of your files and software support to run the site.

Can you transfer your site?

Yes, you can.  Depending on the hosts you’re transferring to and from, it can be an easy or difficult task.  At a minimum, you’ll need login information for the old host, a new account set up at the new host, and access to your domain name registration

Which service is best?

Well, that’s a question with no right answer.  Which host works best for you depends on your needs.  If you’re a small business who’s building your own simple site and want to have all your services in one place, Bluehost or GoDaddy might be right for you. 

I use SiteGround.  Their interface is easy to understand and I can access all my websites from one page.  They provide all the site tools I have listed above and have great customer service.  They send weekly activity reports right to your inbox, and who doesn’t like that?  What’s more?  SiteGround’s global network of servers helps you reduce your site’s carbon footprint.

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