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What’s in a (domain) name?

Confused about domain and subdomain names? Here, you'll find a succinct answer to the question, "What is a domain name?"
Anatomy of a domain name

What is a domain name?

A domain name is what you call your website: in my case, it’s  When you add https:// to the beginning, any web browser will guide you to my website.  So, to get to my site you would use It works just like a street address; you’re just using a search engine instead of GPS.

What is a subdomain name?

A subdomain is a domain within a domain. For example, to find my Library, you use In this case, library/ is the subdomain extension, also called a slug. Continuing with our street address analogy, this is akin to an apartment or suite number.


You may have noticed that some domain names start with www.https:// and some start with www.http://, which does not have the “s”. The “s” indicates that all of the requests and responses to and from the website are protected with an encryption system. Encryption makes a website more secure: that’s your chain lock and peephole.

Have you ever clicked on a website link only to be warned by your browser that the website is potentially hazardous?  But wait – that’s my friend’s site.  It must be fine!  It most likely is.  And equally likely, they have just failed to take this step.  I secure my sites via my hosting provider, SiteGround, so my clients never have to worry about this.

Where can you buy a domain?

You can buy your domain name from any number of places, often including wherever you host your site. For people who build their own sites this can be a good option as your assets will be located all in one place. Fewer accounts means less fuss. I buy domains from Namecheap. I find the site easy to navigate, and managing domains there is straightforward and uncomplicated.

So, what is a domain name?  It's, well, your address.

Check out my post on setting up a WordPress website.  It explains how a domain name works in concert with hosting and the WordPress installation to create a website. 

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