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Six easy steps

For short blog posts on, say, your new YouTube video or book, you want to write a paragraph or two to accompany the image and link.  By tailoring this copy to Search Engine Optimization, you can organically attract audiences who are interested in your content without paying for advertising.  It’s a simple formula, and one which I use for all my blog posts.

Walk through the steps below.  If you’re just writing one paragraph, you should be able to complete your first one within half an hour.  Once you’ve done it once or twice, it’ll be 15 minutes.

Choose a Focus Keyphrase

This is 1-3 words that you want to rank for the most.  They’re your thesis words.  Mine might be “WordPress websites”, “Ukulele songs”, or “Scuba fins”.  Yours might not. 

You’ll want to use this phrase in the page’s title and, preferably, in the first paragraph, as well.

Learn how your audience is searching

Next, do keyword research for your focus keyphrase at Answer the Public.  It’s free, and you’ll get an idea of how people are looking for your topic right now.  Jot down the most common questions and phrases so you can incorporate them into your copy.  I’ll sometimes do three searches for one post, with variations on my focus keyphrase. 

Write a page header

It should incorporate your Focus Keyphrase, and if it’s catchy that’s even better.

Write that puppy!

Use a combination of your content and the phrases you found in the Answer the Public search to write your paragraphs.  It’s advisable to have at least 300 words in a post, but shorter isn’t the end of the world. 

Label it

If we use categories or tags for your posts, let me know which ones you want on this one.

Lastly, write a Meta Description

A meta description is a quick summary of the page contents.  Ideally around 160 characters, which is how many will show up in most rich results.  There are three different places we’ll add this on the back end to make it appear when the post is shared in places like Facebook.  It should have your focus keyphrase in it.

I googled “Being Freed LLC” and below is a snip of the results.  My meta description is “I design and build responsive, optimized WordPress websites for creative professionals, freelancers, and small businesses.”

Rich results for Being Freed Website: Being Freed WordPress websites - Being Freed I design and build responsive, optimized WordPress websites for creative professionals, freelancers, and small businesses.

Pat yourself on the back

…and send me the file.  I’ll take it from there.